All Anthems Disco started out in 1995, just around the time the outhere brothers released “Boom Boom Boom – let me here ya say wahoo”

by 1996 I was moving towards the serious side of DJing & ventured into mixing Breakbeat Hardcore, House, Hard NRG & Speed Garage on vinyl. 

By 1998 I was part of a small crew putting on our own pre club nights, playing live, gaining vital experience as mix & scratch DJ.

Around year 1999 I studied Sound engineering at Truro College, during this time, i learned more about the theory of music, recording & acoustics. 

Around 2002 I decided to start entertaining as a Mobile DJ again, due to the pure fun and love of entertaining & getting people dancing.

2008 – Met a experienced Mobile DJ – Chris Trueman, aka DJ Kris Kool. Chris helped me take things to a higher level, giving me opportunities to excel & get professional equipment.

2010 – 2019 –